Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

Easter this year for us was way different then were use to.
Back when we were in CA w were use to making multiple trips to different family members houses, multiple easter egg hunts and lots and lots of fun with cousins.  But this year there was none of that.

This year, our first big holiday away from family was a very quiet one.  Jason was still at work, so it was just the girls and I.  I was afraid that we weren't going to be able to have a little egg hunt cause it had been raining pretty much all day.  While the girls napped I baked some cupcakes and filled some plastic eggs with jelly beans and coins.  I was hoping by the time that they woke up it would be ok enough to go outside and do a little egg hunt.

It stopped raining long enough for me to go hide some eggs outside on the front lawn for the girls.  We didn't have a lot of eggs but the girls still had a good time.  They are now inside hiding eggs in the house and playing more.  I'm glad I was able to do something a little fun for them.  It makes me sad that we weren't able to be with family this year.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Feature: Loved by Hannah & Eli Clothing Shop

Within the last couple of months I've been on the hunt for a new style for my girls, one that isn't exactly like the next person.  Don't get me wrong I love Target and there adorable kid clothes but I don't want to see 4 little girls wearing the same thing as my kid all the time.  So I've been looking to change the girls style up a little bit to something more fun and unique.  And I found just that when I came across Sarah's IG account lovedbyhannahandeli.

When scrolling through her feed and seeing all these adorable little kids from all over wearing these adorable shirts and even some mama's wearing her stuff, I knew I needed to go see what the hype was all about.  Her website didn't disappoint in the cuteness department.  The unique drawings & fun sayings caught my eye right away.

While looking at her sight I came across this sweatshirt I knew I would have to have, it was a black with gold lettering (I am obsessed with gold) with a raw edge neckline (totally loving) that read "Mama Bear".  I fell in love.  So when I received my package in the mail, I may have done a little happy dance in front of some of my neighbors at the community mail boxes (who cares!).  Once I got home I opened it and fell even more in love with this sweatshirt, it was incredibly soft and so comfortable.  As a mom to 3 kids, I am all about comfort but still wanting to look cute at the same time.  This sweatshirt did that for me.  I've gotten many, many compliments on it when I've been out.

I loved her stuff so much that I bought Kaylee a "day dreamer" summer tank in bright pink. When I first spotted this tank, I knew I needed to get one for Kaylee and eventually for Keira and Kendall as well.  We are huge lovers of the beach and this tank fits my girls perfectly.  I know that I wont find hundreds of girls here in TX wearing this shirt, at least not at first, cause I know once people see this shirt they are going to want one too!  

Hurry up and go check out her website HERE
You can follow her on IG @lovedbyhannahandeli (go follow her for all the info on new designs, discounts and of course to see cute kids, including her own)
She just added a few new designs on her CUB Line, some new Mama Bear sweatshirts and other shirts that are just to cute!

Sarah was so awesome to work with and her customer service is awesome!  She sent me the Black with gold lettering Mama Bear raw edge neckline sweatshirt.  I couldn't wait for the sweatshirt to come and feature it here for all of you.

So take it from me, go check out her shop and buy some stuff.  Her stuff is adorable and priced affordable.  Thank you Sarah again for my sweatshirt and your awesome customer service.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kaylee's 1st t-ball game

Technically it was Kaylee's 3rd game.
Her first game was March 29th (3 days after my augmentation surgery), I felt really bad that she wasn't able to attend.  We did go to the field to take her t-ball pictures and then headed home, I just wasn't feeling to awesome.  I was happy that pictures went fast and I was able to get back home and rest.  Her second game was April 3rd which she missed because I had a dr apt and we had to drop my mom off at the airport.

So her 3rd game came and it happened to land on a day that Jason's parents were visiting.  So Kaylee was excited to show grandma and grandpa all her skills.  And it just so happened that daddy made it home to visit and watch her first game as well.  Everyone was pretty excited.

When Jason's parents visit the girls spend the night with them, so Kaylee and grandma came so that Kaylee could get ready.  But little did anyone know that Jason was on his way home to surprise his mom for the day.  His mom was totally surprised and loved that he was able to come home for the day.  Kaylee was all ready and we loaded up into the car to head to her game, her game was about an hour away.  I thought that was kinda far to go for a little kids t-ball game but we went anyway cause grandma and grandpa were excited to see her play.  Since I had no idea even how to get to the game we met the coach and some other players where we practice and we all followed each other. 

The road started out ok and then the further we go the windier it got, well much to our surprise there was a motorcycle accident ahead of us.  The motorcycle guy was going to fast and hit the guard rail and then the motorcycle people behind him ran him over.  We got stuck on this road on a curve for over an hour.  Kaylee's game started at 10:15 by the time we were allowed to pass and drive the rest of the way to the game it was 11:45.  By the time we got there the other team had left, except 3 players.  So the coaches decided to split the kids up and let them play 2 innings so they at least got to play since we drove all that way.

While stuck behind the accident Kaylee had been taking a nap but for some reason she wasn't in the mood at all to play.  She got put at third base and when the ball game to her she would just stand there, I got so mad at her.  She was then up to bat and hit 2 good hits on both of her turns but she didn't want to run.  Grandma and grandpa thought she did great, me I was mad that we drove all that way and she didn't do anything.  We could have stayed home and had a better visited with daddy, grandma and grandpa.  Once we got back home we ate some pizza and got to hang out with daddy for 15 minutes before he had to head back to work.

I am hoping that she does better at her game this weekend!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kendall is 17 months old

Kendall Morgan,

Well here we are again, another month down in the books, another month older.  My mama heart isn't ready and it makes me sad that you are growing as fast as you are.  But I will say that I am loving this age with you, you listen to your mama so well (sometimes even better than your older sisters), you are such a funny little girl and you have the sweetest heart and it helps my mama heart that you are such a mama's girl.

I love you to the moon and back Kendall!

PERSONALITY:  your personality shines so bright.  We've heard it from day one with you how happy of a baby you are and it's still true to this day.  You are so incredibly funny and now how to make me laugh when your sister's are testing your mommy's limits.  You like to act silly all the time and you try to mimic things that your big sisters do. 

SLEEPING:  you are an awesome sleeper, you have been since the beginning.  I got pretty lucky in the sleeping department with all of you.  You are still taking 2 naps a day.  You take your first nap from 9-11 and then you will get up, play, eat lunch and then go back down for a nap again from 12:30-2:40 when I have to wake you up to go pick up Kaylee from school.  You go to bed each night around 8-8:15.  Even with your sisters being loud you can still sleep through it.

EATING:  you've become a little picky in the eating area.   You use to be such a great eater and would eat pretty much anything put in front of you.  Now some of the foods that were once your favorite you turn your nose up to them.  We bribe you a little bit, if we are eating something you really like then we tell you that you need to eat the something you don't like first before you get the other, it seems to be working.  Some of your favorite foods are, bananas, blueberries, crackers, granola, dried veggies and pb&j. 

* At 16 months old you finally started walking.  Out of your sister's you were the latest to walk.  You were very cautious about the whole walking thing but once you got your confidence and a little chocolate bribing you started walking and haven't stopped since
* You are talking a lot more and saying more words.  New words this month: SQURIEL, DOG, MORE, MIMI, BALL, BABY
* You are still using your sign language  a little bit but mostly talking
* You are trying to run (it's more like a super fast walk)

* You are starting to love doing puzzles, you are still trying to figure out how to put them in the places but you can find where they go pretty fast.
* You like to play with the doll house in your sister's room, I often find you in there playing by yourself.
* You like to play with cars and can make the vroom vroom sound when playing with them
* You like to give your sisters hugs & kisses each night before bed

* Being told NO
* Not getting her food to her fast enough
* 5:30pm - I don't know what it is but at 5:30 every night for the past 2 weeks you turn into a super cranky baby until it's dinner and then your fine.

* Your lovey, you cannot go to sleep without it (we bought back ups, one for the car & one for traveling).  You like to carry your lovey around the house with you.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ollie Jones Leggings Giveaway WINNER

Thank you so much to everyone that entered this fun giveaway.
Don't worry I have more giveaways to come.
I have another fun giveaway coming soon, I'm just trying to recover from my surgery I had.

I will send your info over to Cheryl and she will be in contact with you.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Featuring: Ollie Jones Leggings + a Giveaway


Instagram has become my favorite new place to find and support small businesses.  I love that a lot of the businesses are run by moms, its always fun to show support and help them get there name out there.  I have a totally fun shop that you need to check out.  I have always had an obsession with leggings for my girls.  When Kaylee was little I would get her leggings from Target or Carter's they were usually a plain color.  The same went for Keira, plain leggings.  But when I had Kendall I ventured out to buying leggings with patterns on them.  Kendall's legging collection is out of this world.  She has 2 draws full of leggings.  So when I came across Ollie Jones on instagram and saw all of her adorable and funky leggings, I knew the girls would have to have them.

Cheryl was nice enough to send me 3 pair of leggings (2 pairs for Kendall & a pair for Keira).  Ollie Jones is based out of Canada and these leggings got to me fast.  When I got the package I was so exited to take them out and get my hands on them.  They were even cuter in person than on her etsy site.  They were so soft, being made from 100% organic cotton and the girls loved them.  I got Keira a 4T and they fit her perfect with room to grow into.  Kendall I got the 12-24 month, since Kendall has such a tiny waist they were a little big in that area and I love that she will be able to wear them next year.  The length was perfect on both girls and I love that they aren't to thick, so the girls will be able to wear them into spring and summer, as it gets hot here in TX.  Her sizing starts at 0-3 months through 4T.

The prices aren't bad at all for organic leggings, I love that she has a good selection of leggings to choose from and her turn around time is fast and she has great customer service.  

I mean seriously how cute do the girls look?!

Here's the exciting news, Cheryl is giving away 3 pairs of leggings to one lucky reader!
  Totally cool right.

This giveaway will run for a week (March 24-29) & is open to everyone
Make sure you have a valid email address so I can get in contact with you.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jamie Clark Art Giveaway winner

Thank you so much to everyone that entered this fun giveaway.
A big thank you to Jamie for being featured and doing such amazing art work.

CONGRATS Yarely Zamora
you are the winner of the custom 8x10 drawing.
I will send your email over to Jamie and she will be in contact with you.

Remember if you didn't win Jamie is still offering my readers 10% off for the rest of March
Use coupon code JESSPARTYOFFIVE at check out.

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