Monday, January 23, 2017

Miss Personality

Miss Personality describes Kendall to a tee!
She is full of sass, I mean a lot of sass, stubbornness that's cute (most of the time), so silly I mean she can make me laugh multiple times a day and so incredibly loving.  I wish there was a freeze button, so I could enjoy her little silliness and sassy self.  Freeze time so she'd always want snuggle with me and think I'm cool, cause we all now in a couple years I wont be as cool as she thinks I am now!  I ask her everyday how she gets so cute and she tells me, from heart melted. 
Taking pictures is a way for me to freeze those special memories and all those little moments I never want to forget.  My older girls could care less about taking pictures but I still make them take some for me so that I have those memories and cause you can never have to many pictures of your kids plastered all over your walls.  But Kendall she loves to be in front of the camera which I love cause I love taking pictures, we turn on some music and she rocks out while I snap away, which always turn out to be some of the best pictures of her. 
* * * *
It has been raining like cats and dogs here in CA for the past 2 weeks, its crazy!  The flooding and really high winds has left us with a little bit of cabin fever!  So when we had a small break in the rain her headed outside for a little dance party and to get some fresh air.  Even just heading outside in your own front yard can be like a little vacay when you've been cooped up.
 With all this rain and crazy winds I am totally excited to be heading to Hawaii with my love in 19 days.  Oh it's going to be so amazing, so relaxing and so much fun.  If you've been to Kona, HI let me know of some good places to eat or visit.  I will miss the girls terribly, they will be staying with Jason's parents for that time.  They are going to have a blast with them but I'll miss them like crazy, this trip will be the second time we've been away from them for this long.  Anyone else excited to go on vacations with there husband but know as soon as they leave they will miss those kiddos like crazy, yeah me too, I'm already feeling that way.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Toddler/Kid App Review: Kidlo Land

* I was given the app for 6 months free in return for review, all opinions are mine!
If your kids are anything like mine then they like to play on the IPad.
My kids are allowed to play 30 minutes of IPad time a day, as long as they are good, there homework is done and there rooms are cleaned up.  We have 2 IPads, which can turn into a fight with having 3 kids but they do pretty darn good about sharing.  On our IPads you'll find educational games, we don't allow to many other games to be added that aren't at least teaching them something.

When Kidlo Land reached out and asked if we wanted to try there toddler/preschool age app for 6 months, I had to say yes.  With Kendall being home I try and do some tot school with her two or three times a week, for about 30 minutes.  I knew incorporating this app into our tot school would not only help this mama out but would also help her out in the process.  Its fun, colorful, musical and all things to keep kids interested while also learning, which is key for any toddler with the attention span of 5 seconds.  She can also play the app when we aren't doing tot school as well.

Since starting the app she has learned lots of new rhyming songs, letters, numbers, a little bit of adding, color sorting, matching and so much more.  I would totally recommend this app.  This app is the top preschool app for kids 5 and under (although my older girls play with it and love it as well), it includes nursery rhymes, abc's, phonics, stories, games, activities, colors, animals, etc.  They recently won Mom's Choice Gold Award, which for this mom who doesn't like to much IPad time thinks its awesome. 

I love that with this app you can download certain content that can be used without wifi , which is perfect for those long road trips, doctor office visits where you know you'll be there for awhile or long walks through Target when you want your kid to behave and walk around in silence (moms you know what I'm talking about!) 
If you want to try this app out here are the links
The Kidlo Land app is free to download, and the free content is good but if you want the full version of the app you need to purchase a subscription.  The subscription to the games gives you full access to many more nursery rhymes, games and songs.  It really is a great app for toddlers and totally would recommend it. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Catching little moments

The big girls are back at there first week of school after winter break.  As one of my goals for 2017 is to spend one on one time with each of the girls, its also to catch little moments of them, capturing those uninterrupted, not staged pictures of them.  I want to look back and remember there innocence, the natural expressions on there face and them just being them! 
As a mom watching your kids grow brings so much joy but also so much sadness, sadness because they are only this small for a short time.  I absolutely love watching them learn, discover & experience new things.   But as they grow older I miss that some of those things they did when they were little they may not do as they get older. I love that Kendall is my snuggle bug and when the day comes that she doesn't want to lay on me cause she's too big for that that's the day that my heart will break a little bit.  I don't want to miss any moments with them, which is probably why they aren't ever away from me for more than 24 hours.   Even though some days they drive me bad shit crazy, I wouldn't change this thing called motherhood for nothing!
When I hear people say "you better watch out, those girls are gonna be heart breakers" I cringe, not because I don't agree with them but because I don't want to think about my girls dating or having to think that someday they might get there hearts broken.  I don't want them to go through any type of pain, I know every parent feels this way about there kids.  I just want to bottle them up and keep them this small.  I know I cant slow time down, so Ill just enjoy these girls while there little cause they don't stay this small for long!


So on top of my photo of the girls each week, I'm also working on taking more lifestyle photos of the girls around the house or out, just being kids!  The animals might get thrown in there from time to time, you cant leave them out, there like our kids too.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Little Mama

Since I can remember Kendall has had a love for baby dolls.  Timehop likes to remind me each year that on her birthday when we go to the store to pick something out for her birthday, she always picks a new baby.  This girl has been obsessed with babies since her first birthday.  And that obsession hasn't went away,  its now gotten to us to her new baby, who she calls Ella (the one sitting in the high chair).  For Christmas she got a gift card to Target, she spent her money on new baby clothes (real baby clothes on clearance) and swaddle blankets.  Each morning her and her baby get up and eat breakfast together, they then get dressed for the day and either play or watch cartoons.  This baby has become part of her everyday life.  It is the cutest thing to watch her with the doll. 

She's the best little mama around, she treats her baby like a real baby.  She's so tender and delicate with them.  She rocks it like a real baby and it gets swaddled each night and tucked into bed with her.  I hope she never loses that motherly side of her and the wonder and imagination while playing with her babies.  I don't think her obsession with babies will end anytime soon, she's already asking for a brother for Ella, a new crib, stroller and more clothes.

Also if you know where I can find a good wood doll bed & wood stroller (that aren't super expensive) please let me know!  Thanks

 Kitchen: COSTCO / can food: HOME GOODS

Baby doll: WALMART / Beanie: CRAZY 8

Felt Breakfast: TARGET DOLLAR SPOT / High Chair: AMAZON