Friday, July 22, 2016

The Struggle Is Real!

Motherhood is a struggle everyday, I know all the moms out there would agree with me.  As a mom to 3 young girls I find myself struggling with trying to balance everything.  Am I spending enough time with each of them, am I yelling to much, am I telling them NO to often, are they going to think I'm the bad guy cause I'm the one to discipline them, are they going to remember all the fun times we have.  I mean it's hard. 
With summer break here I've have found it a little harder to be the yes mom I want to be.  I feel like I'm always telling them "no fighting" "no hitting" "no talking back" "no we cant go here" "no were not going out to dinner again"  We have had a lot of fun this summer don't get me wrong but most days I feel like all I do is shout at them to be good.  I try to get them to play legos, color, ride bikes but in doing that they always seem to find a way to argue with each other and then it makes me loose my cool.  I try not to lose my cool with them, I try and talk nicely to them but they usually don't listen unless I yell to get there attention!  I hate being that type of parent, I don't want to be the parent that always yells to get there attention or threaten them with time out. 

I would love to be the "cool" mom for once, you know like daddy is.  I try not to compare myself to other moms but it's hard, I've come to realize that not every household is perfect, that other moms have this same problem.  Being the best mom I can be is all I strive for.  I just want them to know they can always come to be for anything, I want a relationship with them like I have with my mom. 
I struggle with my girls getting older, I want them to stay little and safe for as long as possible.  I don't want them to ever get there heart broken by a boy.  Or be bullied in school and I hope and pray we raise them to not bully others.  I want them to always use there manors, be the best they can be & just enjoy life.  I want them to always have a bond that can never be broken, to always be best friends and to always have each others back.
ok my rant is over!  hopefully I didn't scare you away!
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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

She's The Real Boss

As a parent we all know that were The Boss, but are we really? Or our toddlers are The Real Boss!  I mean am I right or am I right?! 

This little lady is definitely the real boss in our house or she likes to think so.  I will say that almost always sweet face is really hard to say NO to.  Could you say no to her?  I dare you to try, you wont be able to.  I mean seriously this girl knows how to work it for things that she wants, all she has to do is talk in her sweet voice, stick out her pouty lips and bat those lashes and she's got us eating out of the palm of her hand!  I've tried many times to not let it phase me and stay strong but man it's so hard, she's just so damn cute!  I will say out of all 3 girls she's the only one who works it best at what she wants.  She's got us pretty wrapped.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Spring Fever

When April rolls around and the pretty flowers start to bloom all you think about is Spring (and allergies).  All the pretty colorful flowers start to blooms, the smell of jasmine and the pretty green grass.

We like to go to grandma's house and wander around her lush greener and sit by the pond to watch the fish & turtles.  Spring also brings the warm weather, at least it has here in CA but then out of no where it can also bring the rain and a lot of it.  Although the girls love the warm weather, fresh bloomed pretty flowers and the lush greener at grandma's, the one thing that they don't like are those darn allergies that come with spring time.  But we'll take out allergy meds and be outside enjoying the beautiful spring fever.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Nuby Parent Blogger Review: Section Plates & Gator Grip Pop Up Sipper

As a parent getting your kids to eat can be a hassle.  But with these Nuby USA products is makes eating for the kiddos fun.  Kendall loves that her food can be separated into each little cut out.  These wash or toss square section plates are perfect for snacks, meals, parties, picnics and just about anything.
These came in a pack of 4 and there were 2 red and 2 yellow, Kendall loved the bright colors and mom loved that there BPA FREE!  I love that they are sturdy enough for Kendall to carry herself without spilling her food on the floor, cause she's big now and has to do everything her big sisters do and that includes taking her own plate to the table. 
I love that these plates can go in microwave and I love that they can go in the dishwasher.  I mean who wants to spend extra time washing dishes, I know this mama doesn't!  Once there done in the dishwasher they save you space in the cabinet by stacking nicely on top of each other, winning! You can buy this product at Buy Baby Direct under the solid feeding section.
Kendall is now big enough to drink out of a cup but since my girls like to play around the table while there eating that tends to lead to spills and messes.  So this Gator Grip Pop-Up Sipper is amazing.  She's been using it during lunch time and when we go to the park after picking up big sister from school.  It holds up to 15oz of fluid (which keeps her hydrated while running around at the park), the spout pops up and is really easy for her to pop up on her own, its free flowing and who doesn't love the bright colors (6 colors to be exact).  It's perfect for on the go.  Love that it has the grip on it so it doesn't slip out of her hands.  Gotta love that its BPA FREE. You can find these cups at Buy Baby Direct / Amazon / / Target / Tj Maxx / Sears


Friday, June 17, 2016

Our Summer Fun, so far

We are almost 3 weeks into summer and so far it's been pretty darn fun.

School ended May 26th and that week was a hot one, so we spent our time outside playing in the water and getting each other with squirt guns.

Our week at home lead up to even more fun, spending a whole week at the beach.  Every year we head to the beach for a week long of family, fun, memories and lots of adventures.  Its a trip that we look forward to each year.  This year daddy was able to take the whole week off so we were able to do lots of fun adventures, visit different beaches and make lots of fun memories.  We didn't want the trip to end but it was nice to get back to our dogs, our own bed and our normal routine.  So far summer's been pretty darn fun.

* Picnic in the park
* Meet up with friends from school for a play date
* Go to the movies
* Finish our backyard makeover & have fun using it
* Swimming lessons
* Beach trips
* Eat lots of ice cream