Monday, January 5, 2015

Shop Feature: Danica's Chic Bowtique {headbands}

If you know anything about me then you know that I have a serious obsession with headbands for the girls.  I am so very thankful for all the headband shops that we rep for.  They are all different and unique in there own way and that's what I love about each of them.

We are on our second run as a rep for Danica's Chic Bowtique , we love this shop and the sweet owner Christie who runs this fabulous shop.  The great thing about this shop besides her fabulous headbands is that she take custom orders.  Have an idea for a headband, she can do it.  Awesome right?!  The quality, the colors, the different designs are all awesome.  What's even cooler is that Miss Kendall has a headband named after her.  Seriously you'll want to make sure your following Christine on instagram HERE and check out her Etsy shop HERE.  Also another fun thing about this shop is that she offers a bow of the month club, Friday Freebies, Grab bags and much more.  Follow her on instagram for all the info you wont be disappointed!

 this is the "kendall" headband


Friday, January 2, 2015

Our 2014 in review

Our 2014 was a great year filled with so many incredible memories.
It was filled with a lot of changes for our family, lots of highs and some lows.
2014 was great but I'm so excited to see what 2015 has in store for us
* We packed up our whole house and moved from sunny CA to the Lone Star State of TX
* We celebrated my dirty 30 with some great friends but missed all my Cali friends
* Kaylee started Pre School at a new school

* We experienced a really cold winter with icicles
* Lots of deer, Axis & Antelope appeared in our yard

* Kaylee started t-ball and loved it and mommy even met some other mamas
* Kendall was asked by our favorite mama Veronica at ShelbyChicBoutique to be a rep for her
* I underwent breast augmentation surgery!
* My little brother turned 10, wow he is getting so big!
* Jason's mom and dad came to TX for a visit
* Kaylee went on her first school field trip
* We went on lots of family hikes
* Kaylee celebrated her 5th birthday
* We too the girls to Sea World for the 1st time
* We started looking at house's to buy 

* Kaylee graduated from Pre School
* We went back to CA for a week long beach trip in Capitola 

* We bought our first house
* We spent lots of time at the park and water park 

* We moved into our new house
* The girls and I went back to CA for my bridal shower (so much fun)
* My grandpa passed away
* I met with all our vendor's for the wedding (picked our flowers & cake)
* Kaylee started Kindergarten
* We celebrated Jason turning 30

* Started unpacking, decorating and getting settled in
* Jason's great grandma passed away
* We adopted a new puppy from the shelter
* We celebrated Halloween with some new friends we met
* We celebrated Kendall's 2nd birthday (she's growing up to fast)
* My younger brother celebrated his 21st birthday 

* I attended Kaylee's parent/teacher conference and her teacher raved about her
* We road tripped it to CA
* We attended our rehearsal dinner
* We had our bachelor & bachelorette parties
* We got MARRIED
* We spent a week in Glamis Sand Dunes & celebrated Thanksgiving
* We celebrated Keira turning 4 

* We dealt with lots of sickness in our house
* My parents came and stayed with us in our new house
* We celebrated Christmas
* It was just the girls and I for New Years



Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Christmas 2014

This year would be our first year away from family and friends this Christmas.
I was worried that we would spend our first Christmas in our new house just the girls and I.
Not knowing when Jason would be able to come home for a short break, made the fun of Christmas Day not there for me.  But after talking with my parents they decided to come to Texas and spend Christmas with us.  I was so happy knowing that they would be here and we had someone to celebrate with us.

My parents left CO on Tuesday morning (Dec 23) and after some road closures due to weather they finally made it to TX at 4:45am on Dec 24th.  They spelt for a couple hours and we all got up and got ready and headed to breakfast.  After breakfast we took a short little drive around our very small little town to show my dad around since he's never been here.  It wasn't a very long drive since our town isn't very big, all 950 of us.  We headed back home to just hang out for the rest of the day and have some fun.  The plan was the daddy would be home on Friday and we would celebrate Christmas that day, but later that day we got a call from daddy saying he wasn't going to be able to come home at all.  I was totally crushed and at that point I hated his job, I know he couldn't do anything about it and if he could he would be home.  After talking with Jason we decided to open gifts on Christmas morning.  While the girls napped I made sugar cookies that the girls could decorate once they woke up.  Christmas Eve night came and we set out cookies for Santa and sent the kiddos to bed.  It took the baby a long time to fall asleep, must of been the sugary cookies before bed!!

Christmas morning came bright and early, the girls came into my room at 6:00am earlier than I wanted.  My dad got up early that morning to set our the girls and my little brothers present out front.  Rudy our elf left the girls and Justin a note telling them goodbye and that Santa left there gift out front.  But before going to find Santa's gift we facetimed with daddy and opened gifts before making our way out front to find the Santa gift.  Santa brought each of the girls a quad (4 wheeler) power wheels.  After opening gifts and finding there big gift they drove there 4 wheelers around for a little bit before coming inside (it was freezing out).  We came back in to build some toys and play.  I made my first big dinner in our new house and it was so nice to have my parents here for that, we all wished daddy could have been here with us.  All in all Christmas was great and the girls got everything that they wanted and more!

Now it's time for A LOT of pictures....enjoy!


Kendall opening all of her presents

even though she doesn't look like it, she loved her boots!

Keira opening her presents


Kaylee opening her presents


Justin opening some of his presents